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Ashes and Art

What is Ashes and Art?

I create artwork incorporating cremation ashes. 

I live my life taking something broken, unusable or old and FIXING IT UP. 

You can call it upcycling, renovation, transformation or creation. 

I like to think I am taking something sad and making it better. Somehow.

What made me want to create art using cremation remains?  

Our dearly beloved family member passed unexpectedly. His remains went into an urn. There is no way we can continue to look at this urn. It doesn't represent how he lived and he would undoubtedly be horrified to think that his human body (that he always worked so hard on) is sitting in a cherry-colored rectangular box.

So as part of a very art-inspired family, I decided to do something unique with a portion of his ashes. Unique, like him.

Why I create art from ashes:

1) I hate urns for ashes. They are ugly, boring and morbid. 

2) I needed to create something lively and energetic from ashes, not sadness and staleness. I wanted to partner ashes and art.

3) The need for originality. Isn't that what living is all about? These paintings aren’t for everyone. But if it’s for your loved one, I am honored.

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What I need to create your beloved's original painting on canvas:

  • 6-8 oz. of ashes (that way you can keep the rest and still scatter ashes, etc.) mailed to me through snail mail. 
  • Conversation about your loved one‘s (whether pet or human) favorite subjects, colors, etc.
  • 4-6 weeks for completion.

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